Share your Vs-Code Extensions and Themes

I love discovering new Visual Studio Code Extensions that can further make my work-flow easy. Share extensions you use and themes too so others can discover them.


In my case, I found these very helpful GitLens, Material design file icons, Beautify - Helps structure syntax in a more appealing way. Auto Rename Tag Console Snippets - It completes JS console statements ES6 Mocha Snippets - for Mocha tests Express Snippets HTML CSS supports - Vs Code oddly doesn't discover css classes in the html automatically. This solves that and also works in template-driven frameworks. npm Intellisense Vetur - Can't Vue without Vetur lol Vuetify-vscode: Helps alot with Vuetify autocompletes Vuex Suggest - For Vuex


My favorite is the Vue Theme - really easy on the eyes GitHub Theme Azure Theme Material Design Theme

Add yours!

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